Established in 2017 as a pioneering software development firm, BRAIN2.0 has evolved into a multifaceted solutions innovator. Embodying our ethos, ’Driven by Values, Powered by Intellect’, we are committed to leveraging intellectual prowess to deliver value-driven solutions for a diverse range of needs, catering to both individuals and businesses.

At BRAIN2.0, we don’t just create software; we engineer a spectrum of revolutionary solutions. Our flagship division, SOFTWARE2.0, continues our legacy of crafting efficient software solutions that simplify complexities, ensuring user-friendly experiences backed by robust, sophisticated processes.

Our evolution extends beyond the realm of traditional software. As we embrace our expanding role, we are venturing into various innovative sectors, each aligned with our mission to elevate lifestyles and empower businesses through simplicity and efficiency. Our forthcoming initiatives, diverse in their focus, share a common purpose: to revolutionise and lead in their respective fields.

With each step forward, BRAIN2.0 reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation. We are more than a company; we are an evolving force, dedicated to providing tailored solutions across a wide array of industries and personal needs. Our journey is marked by continuous growth, driven by our core values and intellect, as we endeavor to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of individuals and the operations of businesses.

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BRAIN2.0 is growing, and so is its team. Our backbone comprises of our leadership team, ambassadors, talent pool, and most importantly, our clients.

  • Karim Fawaz Avatar

    Karim Fawaz

    Founder & CEO


We are dedicated to elevating any field we touch to the next level – true to our promise of “2.0-ing” every venture.

The Red Car Theory

Opportunities, just like red cars, often go unnoticed unless you foster an environment where finding red cars is rewarded. By growing our multifaceted solutions company, we aim to preserve a constant stream of solutions in a problem-solving ecosystem where ideas are shared, debated, strategised, and delivered.

Speed & Competition

As soon as we find a gap in the market, we assume that a competitor has already thought about the same exact idea. This means that we move in a way that prompts quick market entry whilst ensuring our standards are met. The following creates a sense of urgency to deliver and consistently provide to our customers.

No Selling

We believe that selling is the biggest blocker to growth. Instead of trying to convince our clients that our solution is the best, we promote open discussions to truly understand how we can provide the most value to our users and how BRAIN2.0 fits into your organisation. We focus on providing, not selling.

Make it Happen, TOGETHER

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